Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Older roofing shingles can last anywhere between 15 and 30 years, depending on the quality, location, surrounding vegetation, and how effectively the roof was initially built. Your roof’s lifespan may be shortened by direct sunlight, wind and weather damage, and inadequate ventilation.

Today’s shingles from GAF and CertainTeed come with lifetime guarantees, but this wasn’t always the case. We suggest using the 12-to-15-year range as a general guideline. At that point, look out for these red flags:

  • – Curling roof shingles
  • – Asphalt granulation is lost (looks like bald spots)
  • – There is leaking evidence on your ceilings.
  • – Lack of shingles apparent cracks
  • – Shingles with damage or breaks
  • – Absent or corroded flashing

If your roof is more than 15 years old, we advise giving us a call.

Your estimate will include a thorough explanation of all procedures that will be followed throughout the roof replacement as well as 4 roofing options with varying warranties and levels of product quality. The cost and details of any gutters, gutter guards, or skylights that were also evaluated during your appointment will be provided.

With the exception of days with extreme weather—rain, thunderstorms, days below 38 degrees—we can build your roof throughout the year.

Because every home is unique, we offer customised quotes for every single residence. However, your roof’s square footage and the kind of roofing material you select will be the two key determining variables. Call your local office or fill out the Contact Us form on our website to make an appointment with one of our Professional Roof Consultants for a free estimate today.

Different kinds of contemporary and conventional roofing materials are available on the market. Tile, slate, and metal are excellent choices even though they are quite pricey. Due to their simplicity of installation, asphalt shingles are frequently preferred for most residences. To assist you in selecting the best roofing for your requirements, speak with your contractor.

Before selecting a roof, it’s crucial to take durability, safety, and quality into account. The least expensive roofing materials on the market are asphalt shingles. This is due to their accessibility and low-maintenance services.

As quickly and readily your roofing can be replaced depends on humidity, heat, rain, and snow. The ideal times to replace your roof are in the early summer and late fall. This is so because these seasons have less rain and clearer weather overall.