How to replace a Skylight

How to replace a Skylight

How to replace a Skylight? One of our experienced roof experts will inspect your skylight and provide a free replacement estimate. Omega Roofing has always had the best Skylight prices in New Jersey

Once the team has made the necessary verifications for the damaged skylight we will take the appropriate measures. The Omega Roofing team will not only repair or replace Skylight.

We will also give you tips on how to understand the first steps that Skylight needs to be repaired. Omega Roofing follows the work of her team even after they have finished it. Is important for us that our clients be happy with our amazing work.

Omega Roofing means innovation in the field of Skylight repair.

How to replace a Skylight

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Your Skylight
needs to replace

If your skylights are looking weathered or damaged by cracks and grime, it’s time for replacement,
Don’t wait for a crack to turn into a major leak. Call our team now to replace any outdated or damaged skylights before they turn worse.

Has your skylight been weathered and left with:

  • Fog build-up & haziness
  • Cracks
  • Leaks
  • Dirt & Grime
  • Color fading
  • Or is it just simply outdated and old?

Solatube Home services area to refresh and replace your old skylights so you can have clear, brilliant light in your home.

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Our Proven 8 Step Skylight
Replacement Process


Remove all old shingles/tiles.


Replace flashing and other roofing components as needed.


Install new shingles or tiles.


Final inspection with our quality control supervisor.

We have the knowledge and experience to replace your roof with no hassle and with the quickest turnaround possible. You can trust that our materials and craftsmanship are of the highest quality.

Make necessary repairs to the original roof decking.


Install proper weatherproofing and moisture-barrier underlayment.


Clean up construction area and magnet for nails.


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a Team Roofing completed job.